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Adventuring Syntropy to manifest Love for All Life a new paradigm job a future workplace 🤍

Why am I here?

Kath evolutionary purpose: I am here to remind humanity that we need to restore our sacred bond with Mutter Erde Papatūānuku Mother Earth. And that our inherent connection with this beautiful planet we call home is one to be re-discovered, nurtured and lived.

Adventuring Past, Present and Future!

It feels dauntingly huge and intoxicating at once to embark on this adventure into syntropy to manifest Syntropic Storytelling as a New Paradigm Job. My provisioning for this journey sees me:

✅ Establishing PlanetHive as a Syntropic Enterprise

💚 Doing a PhD in Wisdom Studies and gestate Syntropic Storytelling

🐝 Creating learning course modules for the heART of Syntropic Storytelling

Kath Provisioning to manifest Syntropic Storytelling as new paradigm job

I have successfully completed the first Learning Challenge. After this multi-week Learning Journey, I can wholeheartedly say PlanetHive is a Syntropic Enterprise!

Syntropic Enterprise PlanetHive with defined evolutionary purpose, source idea, pattern integrity and steward leader.

A never-ending love story for All Life, pollinating across the planet, regenerating a contagious narrative honoring Mother Earth and Universe.

PlanetHive is where love stories for All Life are born.

A workplace with hive-like structures, bio-mimicking the stingless bee Tetragonula hive. Following a rhythm of layered growth with operating structures in a so-called excitable medium: The next layer starts to grow after one layer has had enough time to mature.

I am here to remind humanity that we need to restore our sacred bond with Mother Earth.

What's Next?

I am in preparation mode for the next leg of my adventure: Doing a PhD in Wisdom Studies to undertake research into the ancient art of storytelling and to gestate scientifically proven methodologies for Syntropic Storytelling.

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What is Syntropic Storytelling?

Syntropic Storytelling is an archetype practice for manifesting Love for All Life. An activation of metaphysical gravity for a conscious narrative dance to reimagine and relive our relationship with Mother Earth.

Unsurprisingly Syntropic Storytelling came to me as a story during my Rites of Passage South Walk in the Ōrongorongo Valley, home of the Grace Stream, as part of the Frontiers program with We Are Open Circle.

Still a baby girl, I know in my heart she has supernatural powers of unknown dimensions. I am here for it all. I am here to give her a home, to nurture and care for her, so she can grow into a new paradigm job and spread unconditional love for all life. 

Syntropic Stories

A daring Ask from my Heart

The first time fundraising for my right livelihood has been an experience of liberation. I have learned that it takes much patience and honest discernment between my needs, my wants, and my wishes. Sustaining my right livelihood can only happen when I bring the willingness to take full responsibility for my actions and be free of any expectations towards others. To feel fully free is a long-haul journey that takes courage and devotion. 💚

Well, turns out, I have plenty of wishes, I want a few things, and I barely need anything. 🙃

In Journal Entry #3, I referred to Buckminster Fuller and his self-discipline to serve all humanity:

My understanding of this discipline is that as long as my honest intention is to wholeheartedly be in service of All Life, as opposed to seeking business-as-usual or traditional personal gain, I will have enough resources to sustain my right livelihood. I dare to say I attempt to spiral to a place of selflessness and being in reciprocal relationships. An adventure that can only happen when I embody my values from an honest heart and give generously without expecting anything in return. There is a difference between holding expectations and trusting. This deep self-trust, which I have never experienced, is here to help me to see my limiting beliefs for what they are.

We arrived in my Heimatland homeland Brandenburg in Germany. Yes, we made it! I am still grasping the reality of it all. It did seem sheer impossible back in November 2022! We have now set up our wee LoveBase and moved into our LoveCabin. It is utterly moving and challenging on many levels to reconnect with my roots. While landing and grounding in this new old place, getting to know the bioregion I grew in, understanding my role of being a people of the land, and preparing for the next leg of my adventures, I am assessing what my multidimensional needs are. I am wholeheartedly committed to continuing my dance in full transparency by using practices and tools such as Synergistic Auditing and Open Collective. Please consider supporting me in this time of transition if you can! Thank you! 💞

What is Syntropy?

The laws (of nature) are given, it isn’t up to us to create or modify any of them. We need to act in a beneficial way for all participants, for all the affected ones, in order to be considered useful and welcomed beings in the system
Syntropy is the opposite of entropy, and simply put it is the practice to leave everything better!
The essence of the law of syntropy is contained in the phrase give and you shall receive. In human terms, the collective embodiment of syntropy would mean the end of selfishness. When you give for the sake of the whole, you activate the currents of grace and move into synchronicity with the whole.
Syntropy: A tendency towards order and symmetrical combinations, designs of ever more advantageous and orderly patterns. Evolutionary cooperation. Anti-entropy.